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Spetsnaz Security Fidel Matola
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Personal Bodyguard Expertise London, UK, Europe
Personal Concierge Services
Armed and Unarmed Private Security Escorting London, UK, Europe
Private Security Contracting London, UK, Europe
Private Transportation Services London, UK, Europe
London, UK, Europe: Trustworthy Private Investigation services: Costs/ Fees. Discreet, reliable and affordable Private Detective London, UK, Europe
Locksmith Services
Alarm Response | Security Keyholding Ltd | London, UK, Europe
Door Supervision London, UK, Europe | SIA Licensed | Door Supervisors | Bouncers | Doorman London, UK, Europe
Lone Worker Solutions: Lone Worker Protection & Safety London, UK, Europe
CCTV Installation Service London, UK, Europe: | CCTV Camera Installation Company
Construction and Building London, UK, Europe | Site Security Guards | Security Officers London, UK, Europe
Ocean Freight Services: | Spetsnaz Security International Logistics London, UK, Europe
Retail Security Services London, UK, Europe: | Security Company London, UK, Europe
International Event Security – Special Event Security | London, UK, Europe Security Companies | Spetsnaz Security Agency London, UK, Europe
Fire Watch Guards London, UK, Europe
London, UK, Europe Based: Cyber Security Services in London, UK, Europe | Forensic Control | Computer Forensics London, UK, Europe
and so much more

Armed Close Protection Services
Our team offers a wide array of executive protection services and understand the nuances of working in this environment. We particularly specialize at mitigating risk and assisting clients in protecting their families, financial value and physical property. The holistic approach we take to executive protection services is found here.

Executive Protection
Our security guards provide close protection and advise clients of any potential security threats present. We are licensed within the area and have the proper training and certifications to provide the level of protection necessary in these situations. Also, most security personnel at Spetsnaz Security International Limitedhas several years of operational experience in other, similar assignments.

Protective Surveillance
If you don’t want a security guard shadowing your every move, we offer protective surveillance services. This is a more low-profile technique used for providing protection to clients who want to keep their privacy while having peace of mind that there is a responsive and capable security team nearby if a situation were to arise.

Security Driver
In addition to protection for a client’s person, we also provide security drivers. This ensures that each client can be safely transported where they need to go.

Security, Protection, and Peace of Mind
Each of our protection professionals is experts in advanced planning and logistics, emergency response, crisis management and threat assessment. Statistics have proven that the majority of security issues that involve high-profile people occur while the individuals are on the go. Our team is available to provide protection and security for clients regardless of if they are at home, in the car or in the office.

Some of the reasons to trust Spetsnaz Security International Limitedwith your personal safety and protection are found here.

Ability to assess the risks and needs associated with clients.
Proper training and certification in place including advanced skills, such as managing threats of violence, attack avoidance and recognition, close protection techniques, multiple aggressors, firearms skills, light combat skills and concealed weapons skills.
Crisis planning services for missing persons, extortion or kidnapping
Rapid response services for natural disasters, labor disputes or special events.
Putting your life in the hands of a security team takes a great deal of confidence and trust. Spetsnaz Security International Limitedhas been working with many clients for several years now and wants to develop the same trusting relationship with you. These security services aren’t the same cookie cutter options you get from other service providers. They are customized to the unique needs of the client to ensure their well-being and safety, regardless of the situation.

Executive Protection Service You can Count On
It is easy to choose the first executive protection service you come across, but that isn’t going to provide you with the highest level of protection. At Spetsnaz Security International Limited, we ensure each member of our security staff has the training, knowledge, skill and know-how to handle the potential risks that are associated with this type of security detail. Our top goal is your safety and peace of mind.

Regardless of if you own a Fortune 500 company, are an up-and-coming celebrity or other high-profile person, our executive protection services are right for you. We will help identify potential security threats and neutralize them before you find yourself in danger. Our extensive and comprehensive services ensure you have the protection you require around the clock.

If you want to avoid living in fear and enjoy your life to the fullest, then it may be a wise decision to call us at Spetsnaz Security International Limitedfor more information on the executive protection services we offer. We will take the time to customize a strategy that meets your unique needs and concerns, ensuring you have peace of mind that you are protected at all times.

We are Proactive Private Security Company based in London, UK, Europe. Providing bespoke services and ex Military Special Forces & Police Security Guards & Private Investigators throughout the London, UK, Europe, & International. Offering Close Protection services for high net worth individuals, celebrities, royal families and businesses based in/or visiting London, UK, Europe.

Our company is licensed, insured and offers affordable rates to ensure you have the protection you deserve. Don’t trust a sub-par service provider with your protection and well-being. Each of our security professionals has the experience, training, and ability to protect you at every turn, regardless of what or how serious the threat against you may be.

Spetsnaz Security International Limited has been providing International Close Protection services to business owners throughout London, UK, Europe and across all the Theh World for many years. We have trained close protection officers available to conduct International Personal Protection services across the country.

Armed Close Protection Services
SPETSNAZ SECURITY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED offers the best personal protection officers (PPO) and London, UK, Europe close protection services that can be found Nationwide.

Our London, UK, Europe close protection officers are ready at a moments notice. We dispatch nationwide and in under 4 hours guaranteed.
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The national London, UK, Europe Based Close Protection Officers (CPO) on staff at SPETSNAZ SECURITY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED are trained for quick IED identification, quick response, London, UK, Europe Security Drivers, assessing security measures and providing discreet surveillance, and assault prevention, SAP, Residential, Surveillance, IED/ESD Search and counter surveillance. We are SIA Licensed and constantly training and updating our tactics and leveraging the latest and safest techniques that can be found in the industry.

.Bodyguards are highly trained professionals who are entrusted with the personal security of individuals. They often work for celebrities, corporate leaders, political figures, and people who are at a heightened risk of personal attack. When you hire bodyguard protection from a specialized agency like Spetsnaz Security International Limited, we will arrange for one or more of our bodyguards to accompany you to public events, identify potential dangers, preemptively identify escape routes, and take action to keep you safe.
Bodyguards work alone and also as part of security teams, but they always stay close to their clients to observe the surroundings and prevent dangerous situations from escalating. For bodyguard services in London, UK, Europe , our professionals may carry firearms or tasers after undergoing specialized training and certification to safely operate them in case of emergency.

In today’s society, there are many good reasons to hire a bodyguard in London, UK, Europe . At Spetsnaz Security International Limited, we train our bodyguards to be ready for anything and to approach every assignment with the highest regard for professionalism, detail, and discretion.

Bodyguard Executive Personal Protection London, UK, Europe
One of the most common reasons that London, UK, Europe ers contact Spetsnaz Security International Limited is for bodyguard executive protection. There are a wide variety of factors in the world today that raise security concerns in the private and business sectors.

High profile business leaders are often vulnerable when visiting the city for important meetings or handling highly sensitive material. Executive protection bodyguards are also useful during hostile termination situations, labor disputes, special events, planned travel, and the transport of valuable assets.

Here are some of the many body guard services that our executive protection specialists can provide.

Perform an initial sweep of meeting spaces
Drive executives to and from business locations
Check vehicles for IED devices and bombs
Keep a close watch for potential attackers
Provide protection during periods of travel

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