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  • Close Protection Officer App Review
    Today I’m going to be reviewing a smart phone app specifically designed for Close Protection Officers/Operatives (CPO‘s) that has been out for a few months now. The app is simply titled CPO and claims to provide “relevant industry information for those who are working, those between contracts and those looking to move into the security
  • Top 10 Apps for the Modern Close Protection Officer
    Today I’m going to list a few apps that I use on my iPhone to aid me in my work as a Close Protection Officer. As modern technology advances so too does it’s uses, but it’s important to realise that technology should be no substitute for knowledge. The apps I am about to list won’t
  • Close Protection: A Closer Observation Of The Protection Equation Book Review
    Close Protection, or Body-guarding as it is more commonly known, is a complex subject that throws up all sorts of Hollywood images to those outside the industry. It is often imagined that Bodyguards are big burly men with a lack of intelligence, running around with guns and driving fast cars, but the fact of the matter is

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