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  • Retail Theft Prevention Guide
    The UK retail sector makes a tremendously important contribution to the economy: according to the British Retail Consortium (BRC), the sector employs three million people and retail sales add up to £321 billion or 20% of GDP. However, the sector continues to be plagued by retail crime, with the BRC estimating the total value of
  • The Economic Impact of UK Cyber Crime
    Here we have a great info-graphic summing up the economic impact of cyber crime in the UK, provided on behalf of Acumin Consulting. Courtesy of Acumin Consulting.
  • How Do You Keep Your Business Data Safe?
    Most home users will use their safe to keep valuables such as jewellery, watches, certificates, cameras and small amounts of cash secure but for businesses of all sizes it is vital that they have a secure safe for their data. Data, both electronic and physical paper records are the lifeblood for any company. Without their
  • To Err is Human… Unfortunately for the IT Security Industry
    Information security seems, at first sight, to be all about technology. Yet, as all those immersed in IT security jobs know only too well, technology is only ever part of the story. Indeed, in June this year IBM published a report which concluded that:
  • Preventing Robbery in Jewellery Stores
    Throughout history jewellery stores have been under threat and are often in danger from thieves. Recently, criminals have become more sophisticated with their approach when stealing from jewellery stores. The types of crimes that are committed include: Fraud Theft Robbery Forgery Hostage situations Kidnapping The following information will help your jewellery store prevent crime and
  • Four Ways to Keep Your Construction Site Safe
    Anyone in the construction business knows that building site security can be one of the biggest headaches of the job. A staggering £1 million worth of plant and equipment is stolen each week in the UK, with less than 10 per cent being recovered by the police. With high-value machinery located on site 24 hours
  • The changing Face of Private Security in France
    Over the last decade or two private security has been taking major steps forward in France (as it has in many other European countries). Since the law of 14th March 2011 (LOPPSI: Law of Orientation and Programming for the Performance of Interior Security), introducing sweeping changes through France’s codes
  • Are the powers of a Private Investigator paralleled with that of Police? – Guest Post
    When one of my friends had asked me this question, I myself was bewildered a bit. He wanted to make an investment plan and was all ready to go through with the company regarding the portfolios and brochures he had gone through. However, he wanted to know that if he found that the company was
  • Secure Your Home This Christmas
    The Christmas period every year sees a rise in burglary’s across most of the world that celebrate it. It’s a busy time for most people, leaving houses unattended for longer periods of time than normal. Everybody’s out getting Christmas present’s or out shopping for food to stock up the cupboards for Christmas Day, visiting family
  • ATM PIN Number Reversal – Bad To Know
    I’ve recently spotted on Facebook and various other social media platforms an email that is doing the rounds giving advice on what to do if your mugged or robbed while at the cash machine/ATM. The contents of the email are completely untrue as I will explain, but more worrying is that the advice could cause
  • The Rapid Expansion of The Private Security Industry
    While studying for my degree in Security & Risk Management I was assigned a task to discuss the possible reasons for the rapid expansion of the Private Security Industry in recent decades discussing the various developments that have evolved in theory, policy and practice. It was an interesting assignment and the essay I wrote has

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