Preventing Robbery in Jewellery Stores

Throughout history jewellery stores have been under threat and are often in danger from thieves. Recently, criminals have become more sophisticated with their approach when stealing from jewellery stores. The types of crimes that are committed include:
  • Fraud
  • Theft
  • Robbery
  • Forgery
  • Hostage situations
  • Kidnapping
The following information will help your jewellery store prevent crime and all other offences within your business.

In Store Safety

There are numerous ways that criminals will try to tactically gain an advantage within a jewellery store. These include: stealth, force, deception and sleight of hand. It’s good to have a strategy put in place when serving customers in the store.
  • Only help one customer at a time – taking care of one customer at a time will prevent staff being distracted by other customers and having jewellery stolen. When dealing with customers only allow them to see one item at a time to avoid theft. This can also reduce the risk of criminals stealing jewellery.
  • Greeting every new customer- You should have a member of staff that is dedicated to welcoming all customers. This will make any criminal feel like they have been detected whereas genuine customers will engage with staff. If there is someone that has entered the store let them know that you will be with them shortly.
  • Lock up all of the showcases- Ensuring and checking that all showcases are securely locked will help lower the risk of any jewellery being stolen. Ensure that keys are kept out of reach or are attached to a member of staff. At no time would you place keys underneath the counter or where it is easy for criminals to obtain.
  • Delivery- when expecting a delivery from your suppliers, ensure that more than one member of staff is around for help and support when it arrives. Having several members of staff helping will provide more cover and protection for the store. When having a delivery, only exchange jewellery within the store. You don’t know who is watching and what they are capable of.

When a Robbery is Taking Place

The biggest threat to jewellery stores is robbery. Often when a robbery is taking place the criminals involved will use force if they think they are in danger. In some cases extreme force or firearms are used to get to the jewellery that they desire. As a result of this, people can be harmed physically and mentally from the shock of the robbery. Below is a list of tips to prevent robbery from happening in your store.
  • The more likely times that criminals will attack is during opening and closing times. Having more than one person while opening and closing the shop will prevent criminals going in for an attack.
  • Keeping all main doors locked when moving and transporting jewellery around will stop criminals leaving or entering the building. Lock all doors and windows when going into the safe to move any items.
  • It is paramount that two members of staff are on the shop floor at all times. This will help in the event of a criminal trying to steal items from the store.
  • Keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour when customers are visiting the store. If they are looking around the store contently ask them if they are ok. If they continue to be apprehensive ask them to leave.
  •  If you’re in situation where you have been compromised and there is a robbery taking place, be sure to follow these necessary steps.
  • During a robbery personal safety is a priority. Don’t resist – collaborate with the robbers demands.
  • Do not attempt to go for an alarm while the robbers are present within the store. This will force them to use weapons that may harm you or other staff members.
  • Do not attempt to move without telling the robbers what you might be doing and why. Telling them what you will do and why will not force them into doing anything drastic.
  • Try not to have eye contact with the robbers but try to keep in mind what they are wearing and what they look like.

After the robbery it is important to follow these steps:

  • Lock up the shop so that the criminals cannot return and cause harm to staff.
  • Contact the police on what has happened
  • Take care of anybody that has been affect or harmed during the robbery.
  • Get everyone to write as much down about the event as they can.
  • Get in contact with your insurance provider to let them know about the incident.
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