Four Ways to Keep Your Construction Site Safe

Anyone in the construction business knows that building site security can be one of the biggest headaches of the job. A staggering £1 million worth of plant and equipment is stolen each week in the UK, with less than 10 per cent being recovered by the police.

With high-value machinery located on site 24 hours a day, companies, which have not paid enough attention to construction site security, will find themselves the object of unwanted attention from thieves and vandals.  Besides, building sites, where construction activities are not adequately controlled, put their occupants’ health and lives at risk. As a result, absence of proper security measures can lead to costs associated with dealing with a civil claim and to a loss of reputation.

Ensuring security on the construction site, however, can be a challenging task as thieves are usually well-versed with stealing and disposing of construction site inventory. Very often stolen assets are ready to be taken outside the country within the next 24 hours. This is why the recovery rates were rather low in the past. However, nowadays the situation has improved due to the fact that construction industry began taking advantage of security solutions offered by professional security companies.

Having a system of comprehensive security solutions in place is one of the most effective measures in asset protection on building sites. Through choosing up-to-date building site security from a reputable firm, such as Accent on Security, construction companies will be able to go about their job in the knowledge that their site is in safe hands.

Take a look at the best-practice guidance to help increase security on your construction site and to minimise risks of theft, arson or deliberate damage:

  1. A key step in a construction security strategy is to employ experienced security guards 24/7 so that your building site has maximum security all the time.
  2. Another way to ensure that your site is being carefully monitored is to employ patrol officers.  Watchman Monitoring Service, offered by one of the leading British security companies Accent on Security, is s an exception-based security patrolling management tool that efficiently deals with various security issues. Via a “smart tagging process,” security guards are monitored after they touch the small smart tags placed at strategic points along their patrol perimeters. If patrol officer fails to do so within a certain time period, the guard will be contacted, and if he fails to respond other officers will be sent to the site to investigate.
  3. Try to forge close ties with local police so that they can advise on site-specific security risks and help out if things do go missing.
  4. Make sure you mark all your equipment so that it is identifiable; this will help police to recover as much machinery as possible. One way to go about it is to use “Datadots” and Forensic DNA containing unique identification marks. A simpler solution would be a widespread use of corporate colours.

This article is contributed by Accent on Security – a British security firm, which provides security solutions across a wide range of sectors in the UK and has expertise in the field of construction site security.


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